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Festival Vizualizator 2020


First International online conference - participants and guests of Vizualizator at debate on December 10th at 6 pm (CET);  12 am (GMT-5);  7 pm (EET)
In an accelerated world, one tool stops the moment - photography.
The photographer takes action, chooses the moment and transmits to the audience.
Where is the photography market today? 
How can we distinguish professional documentary photography from other photographs? 
What makes one photo influential?
We are witnessing that the impact is growing, especially in difficult moments for society. 
These questions will be answered by participants and guests of the Photo Festival - Vizualizator at the First International Online Conference.
We are pleased to announce that our participants will be following experts in the field of photography:
Adam Ferguson- Australian photographer and the three-time winner of the World Press Photo Award;  
Carine Van Gerven and Jos Verhoogen- organizers of the Lens op de Mens Photo Festival in Belgian city Pelt;  
Koen Suidgeest - Dutch photographer, film director and writer;  
Linda Bournane Engelberth- photographer of Norwegian-Algerian origin and member of international photo agency VII ;  
Mads Greve- photographer and professor at the Danish School of Media and Journalism;  
Robert Pledge - co-founder of Contact Press Images in New York; curator, editor, jury member on the World Press Photo and the W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography,  and more.
Stefano De Luigi- Italian photographer, member of international photo agency VII and winner of the four World Press Photo Awards;
Thomas Licek- Austrian art manager, organizer of the Month of Photography in Vienna, secretary general of the European Month of Photography 2016 - 2019th
moderator: Zvezdan Mančić - director of the Photo Festival Vizualizator and president of Photography Development Centar
Don't miss to ask questions and engage in discussion.
Conference supported by Australian Embassy in Serbia, Royal Norwegian Embassy in Serbia and OSCE Mission to Serbia

We would like to inform you that the exhibition of Boško Bunuševac "Story from the Field: Wolves Belgrade", scheduled for Thursday, December 3, is postponed until further notice due to the current epidemiological situation. You will have the opportunity to see this exhibition as soon as the Hungarian Cultural Center (Collegium Hungaricum) is open again.

Follow our social networks for a new exhibition date.

Exclusively on Vizualizator - multiple World Press Photo winner, Adam Ferguson from Australia will be a speaker on the workshop.

Follow the link and you can ask questions on chat.

Adam Ferguson's work has largely explored conflict, with a focus on civilians caught amidst geopolitical forces. He has been the recipient of multiple awards from World Press Photo, Pictures of the Year International, American Photography, Photo District News, The Overseas Press Club of America, and Columbia University. Ferguson will discuss his journey as a photojournalist to portrait photographer, exploring authorship and his story-telling practices.

Australian Embassy in Serbia supported this workshop.

What was gained by crossing 17th-century Flemish painting and photography? Another interesting online workshop brought to you by VISUALIZER on Wednesday, December 2 at 6 pm!

We invite you to participate in a workshop led by Jos Verhoogen and Carine Van Gerwen, organizers of the Lens op de Mens Photo Festival in the Belgian city of Pelt. Inspired by 17th century painting, they will teach you how to photographically recreate genre scenes and portraits of that time.

It will tell you about the principles of composition and language of the image, "capturing the right moment", finding adequate props, maneuvering with light and expressions, symbols, and even the final processing of images in Photoshop!

What can we learn from these images today and what are the symbols of our time? Visit at 6 pm and find out!

Watch the movie "Over the rainbow" by Tarra Fallaux on the following link.

Alfred, sommer 2009.
Monday, November 30th from 6 p.m. on our website
Online workshop of a Danish professor and photographer from the prestigious Danish School of Media and Journalism. 
Students from this school are multiple winners of significant awards, such as Pulitzer and World Press Photo.
Mads Greve will talk about the use of photography as a means of telling personal stories that explore intimate relationships and human encounters. Greve's work is a kind of diary. It is not a literal depiction of life, but rather a state of mind in which he finds himself at a given moment.

Mads Greve is a photographer and associate professor of photojournalism at the Danish School of Media and Journalism (Danmarks Medie- og Journalisthøjskole). Since 2005, he has been a member of the Prospekt Photographers association from Italy, based in Milan. He worked at Morgenavisen Jyllands-Posten as a permanent photographer and for some time as a freelance photographer. His photographs have been published and commissioned by the following publications: D la Republica, Italian Vanity Fair, Italian Wired, Diario, Vision from China, Liberation, Politiken and Berlingske. He was a member of the jury at the Danish Picture of the Year photography competitions for 2010/2011. year, Vilnius Photo Circle in 2013 and was on the mentoring team for Aarhus Independent Pixels in 2015. He won two first prizes at the Danish Picture of the Year competition, exhibited at the Copenhagen Photography Festival and published two photo books. He is currently working on photographic projects, along with his pedagogical work. He lives in Aarhus, Denmark. 
The Mads Greve's workshop was supported by the Danish Embassy in Serbia.

Visit the photo exhibition of the Austrian author Rudolf Strobl in the UK "Stari grad", Kapetan Mišina 6a, on Monday from 4 p.m.
   Rudolf Strobl is an Austrian conceptual artist. His photographic story “Dye” is the result of a project unique to the contemporary photography scene.
You will see a high quality production of photographs that are the result of the author's many years of work in the field of documentary photography, focusing on locations devoid of their original purpose and transformed into paintball arenas.
Supported by Austrian Cultural Forum in Belgrade.

Follow our link for online workshops at 6 pm today, 29th of November and learn about "Visual storytelling and human rights" from Koen Suidgeest.

The ability to elevate your personal photography from taking a pretty picture to one of a storytelling medium, is what differentiates the eager amateur from the professional. The latter will constantly be concerned with his/her relationship to the subject, which in turn will find its way to the physical position the image maker will claim in a particular situation. Any serious photographer will ask: what is my right to be here? And hopefully: what are the ethical boundaries of my visual representation of the people I am portraying?

In this talk, I will explore the importance of storytelling using photography as a means to promote human rights. Drawing from real life examples of my extensive work with people from LGBTQ+ communities globally, we will talk about positionality, representation, and ethics when making work that is created especially to promote equality and respect.

The workshop was supported by Embassy of the Netherlands in Serbia and in Montenegro.